TAFINA Membership Packages

TAFINA is set to adopt a tiered membership fee structure, addressing the varied needs of members, and offering distinct access levels.


Tzs. 500,000/-


=>  All Basic entitlements apply.
=>  Access to Fintech member meetups and exhibitions.

=>  Display company logo

on TAFINA website.


Tzs. 2,000,000/-


=>  All Basic and Bronze apply.
=>  Access to local and international Fintech opportunities: exposure visits, global conferences

=> Linkage meetups with venture capitalists & angel investors on TAFINA website.

=>  Appearance on website and select TAFINA branded material


TZS. 3,500,000/-


=> All Basic, bronze, and Silver apply
=> A Fintech distribution channel; connecting members to clients.
=> A Fintech reference epicentre linking to member validation services.
=> Foster member interconnectedness spurring innovation in the Fintech sector.
=> A link to members providing solutions for in-house technology problems
=> Work jointly with members to train and nurture existing and potential Fintech talent
=> Access to Fintech member meetups and exhibitions


TZS 5,000,000/-


=> Automatic membership of all TAFINA forums
=> Free participating ticket at TAFINA festivals
=> Freedom to join as many Committees as possible
=> Top level Recognition – special recognition as the top financial member of the Association.


Tzs. 0


=> Become TAFINA Strategic Title Partners
=>  Access to reports, research studies and surveys on Fintech trends
=>  Free entry and Speaking slots at select TAFINA organized events & meetups
=>  Appearance on website and select TAFINA branded material
=> Access to Fintech member meetups and exhibitions

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