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The Tanzania Fintech Association (TAFINA) was incorporated as an association in March 2023. It is the umbrella body for Fintechs in Tanzania with 50 members with the sole purpose of having a common voice on matters relating to industry performance and growth, policy and regulation advocacy and standards of providing services to drive financial inclusion.

With almost a year from inception, TAFINA has started to gain experience and learnings in building a member-based community, delivering value for the community, and keeping members engaged. This hasn’t come without challenges, but we are fulfilled in knowing our members are thriving and winning. We are building partner networks with stakeholders for collaboration and partnerships so members can achieve growth.

We are proud to say that TAFINA is a member of National Technical Council for the National Financial Inclusion Framework, Africa Fintech Network (AFN) and has a close working relationship with Financial Technologies Services Providers’ Association (FITSPA) and Holland Fintech Association through the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands. 

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The Association’s mission is to create a platform that unites the stakeholders in the fintech industry, fostering meaningful innovation and promoting best practices in an approachable and cooperative manner.


The Vision of the Association is to nurture, grow and empower the fintech ecosystem in Tanzania to further financial and economic inclusion.

Our Team :

Cynthia Ponera.


Reuben Mwatosya.

Vice Chairperson.

Shadrack Kamenya.

Secretary General.

Azhar Ghartey .


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